Florals: Men's Fashion Trend for Autumn/Winter 2014

If you think that the era of florals is already ended along with the summer and planning of hiding your outfits until next year, I think you should think twice because florals will be the newest fashion statement this autumn/ winter 2014! So be ready with your floral shirt, polo, pants, cups and even shoes because we are going to make a statement this cold and dark days!
florals, men fashion, autumn, winter
Florals as a fashion power statement for guys this autumn/summer 2014. Are you up for this?
The usual fashion trend for Autumn and Winter is all about grey and dull outfits perfect for the gloomy and dry weather but this time, flowers will bloom all over the place as we walk with floral print on our clothes. Refreshing indeed!
florals, winer, autumn, 2014
For inspiration, adding a floral shirt for example to a dark vest or coat or tie will somehow make a difference. It's like putting a spark to the tradition fashion trend for dark days like autumn and winter.

Always remember, wearing floral can be done all year round, it's all about making a statement and pulling it off. So are you up for the challenge, to wear something floral during dark and gloomy days? Comment below.

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  1. Seen florals everywhere in mens fashion, glad to have found your article about it!


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