New Lords Outdoor Shoot for Elite Toronto Models 2014

Got these astonishing photos of Elite Toronto Models as they shoot outdoor for their newest fashion story that is entitled, "New Lords".
new lords, elite toronto models
new lords, elite toronto models
new lords, elite toronto models
Kudos to Jane & Jane as she photographed each model as they feature the best of their angles as they wear modern styles blended with nature. 

Floral Decoration Ideas for your Home

I am always fascinated with minimal-looking home decorations; white background, simple yet astonishing furniture, the less the better make the best decorating ideas as for me. That is why today, I am going to feature 3 floral ideas I found while browsing online that you can also use for inspirations.
florals home decors
This is perfect for romantic room ideas where minimalism rules again and would be perfect with flowers all over the place + your favorite scent.

Max Irons Looks Amazing in Gucci for GQ Style Fall/ Winter 2014

Actor and Model Max Irons is now featured on a spread of GQ Style for Fall/ Winter 2014 wearing his professional-looking outfit from GUCCI.
In the spread for the magazine, Max was photographed by John Balsom. I liked all of the attires he wore during the shoot. I like the combination of the modern and traditional style with these cool suits for Men.

Featured: Portrait Tomek by Krzysztof Wyzynski

Today's featured portrait is from fashion photographer Krzysztof Wyzynski as he shows off his latest photos featuring Tomek of United for Models.
tomek, united for models

Minimal Danish Family Apartment

Nothing will beat minimal design for apartments and small rooms because no matter how small the space is, white-painted walls and minimal interior design will do the magic. All you gotta do is to release the simplicity within you.
danish apartment inspiration,flower
For today's design inspiration, let us visit the apartment of Textile designer and illustrator behind MisseMai, Mia-Louise Mailund Smith; her husband Mark Smith, a dental technician; and sons Herbert, 5, and Huxi, 2.

Florals: Men's Fashion Trend for Autumn/Winter 2014

If you think that the era of florals is already ended along with the summer and planning of hiding your outfits until next year, I think you should think twice because florals will be the newest fashion statement this autumn/ winter 2014! So be ready with your floral shirt, polo, pants, cups and even shoes because we are going to make a statement this cold and dark days!
florals, men fashion, autumn, winter
Florals as a fashion power statement for guys this autumn/summer 2014. Are you up for this?
The usual fashion trend for Autumn and Winter is all about grey and dull outfits perfect for the gloomy and dry weather but this time, flowers will bloom all over the place as we walk with floral print on our clothes. Refreshing indeed!

Design Inspiration: Romantic Room Idea in 2014

Love is literally in the air if you live in one of these perfectly romantic rooms I stumbled on the internet while looking for my official blog entry here on my newest home.
design, room, romantic, inspiration

room idea, romantic style, themed, sweet style room
Romantic room ideas have something to do with bunch of flowers whether roses, lilacs and many more and do not forget your favorite scent to add something that will definitely create that romantic ambiance all over the room without waiting for the moonlight or cold cuddle weather.

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