Nikolaj Coster-Waldau for GQ Magazine Turkey January 2015 Issue

gq magazine, 2015
Loving the January 2015 issue of GQ Magazine Turkey featuring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. Age does not matter as this 44 year old Danish actor poses for the magazine cover wearing a stunning light blue suit. This is also to promote the new season (Season 5) of the top TV show, Game of Thrones that will also be premiering by 2015.

Gerard Way for Nylon Magazine Espanol 2014

nylon magazine, gerard way
Gerard Way, vocalist of the band My Chemical Romance turned to be on the cover of Nylon Magazine Espanol. Promoting the band's latest album, Hesitant Alien. Photographed by Enrique Fabela and styled by Edna Pedraza.

Gift Guide 2015: Fragrances for Men

best fragrances for men
In the previous post, I have featured some amazing fragrances for women that you guys can use as a guide when it comes to holiday mandatory gift giving since we all know that it is kind of hard to give something for women. 

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: Fragrances for Women from Filthy Fragrance

In this post, I am going to share you guys some deals in finding the best gift idea this holiday season. Christmas is just two quick days from now and I am sure you already have presents for your loved ones--or even for yourself. There is still New Year so this gift guide idea is not yet late.

Merry Christmas from FOXMYSTYLE!

christmas, holidays, wallpaper, HD
Hello everyone! This is just a quick post from FOXMYSTYLE greeting everyone a merry merry Christmas! Thank you so much for visiting this blog and leaving your sweet comments every now and then. All of them are much appreciated and I know that this blog has been up for less than six months but I am quite sure that everything is going to be better in the next few months. Expect more updates; let it be editorials, ootds, featured models and photos and amazing clothing brands and items just for guys out there!

Cetus Jewelry: Basic yet Stunning!

cetus jewelry, men jewelry, cetus,
I cannot just get over of these stunning jewelry from Cetus. A Mexican jewelry brand created by Pali and each month, they will launch different style of items both for men and women with different ambassadors. This month, December 2014. Alberto Clavijo owned it! Love it especially the photo above. [image: rocketmagazine]

Moving Into A New Place: Say Hello, Bonifacio Global City Taguig!

taguig, moving in, studio type taguig
Hey guys, I am sorry for not leaving my footprints on your blogs and not able to return your sweetest messages. I am just busy and I am sure I will be like this until before the holiday season. I am done buying and wrapping some gifts for my loved ones but I will be moving into a new place right before Christmas.

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: Stunning Planners for 2015, Better Than Planners in Your Fave Coffee Shop!

gift guide, planner 2015, holiday gift idea

I know it is kind of too late but if ever you are still looking for some gifts for your loved ones this holiday 2014, I still do have some suggestions in my mind. Previously, I have featured some gift guides for muscle builders, gym goers, smartphone lovers and time keepers and today, I am going to feature some product that you might find interesting for someone who likes keeping things in schedule.

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: For Gym Goers

gift guide, gym buffs, gym goers
A little tribute for guys who religiously go to gym building muscles and develop that six-pack abs that is to die for! I collected some amazing products that you can purchase that are perfect for gym goers. 


men, winter, bestiary
I am definitely loving these editorial photos for the Fall/Winter 2014 cover of FHM Collection China. I love everything especially the fur collections that are perfect for the winter season.

Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: Amazing Watches for Him

gift guide, gift idea, christmas, holiday 2014
I must say that writing about gift guide is quite fun since I have been receiving comments and feedback about my recent articles from friends, relatives and random people from the world wide web. Today, I am going to feature amazing set of watches for Men.

Gift Guide for Guys Who Want to Build Some Muscles

gift guide, muscle building
It's 14 days before Christmas and I am sure some of you are still looking for some gift ideas for your loved ones and I hope this post is not yet late for that because for today, I am going to feature some of the products that I found online perfect for someone who wants to be lean and gain muscles. 

EDITOR'S GUIDE: White T-Shirt Makes Men More Attractive

guide, white shirt, men, grooming
According to studies, guys wearing white t-shirts look more attractive compared to other guys wearing shirts with different colors. Scientifically, that is going to be 12% more attractive, experts say. Sometimes, proper grooming is not enough in order to git on the ladies because they know things that we don't and some of them are kind of unpredictable, just like this one. I never though that most girls are also basing the way they look at guys according to what they wear. It sound foolish but this is for real.

PORTRAIT: Tomasz Erb Photographed by Alex Evans

tomasz erb, alex evans
I cannot help not share these striking photos of Tomasz Erb, a Polish-Canadian model who is originally from Rabka and Stary Sacz, Poland. According to an interview with Tomasz, he got discovered when he walked to Elmer Olsen Model Management. Aside from professional modeling, he attended university with a degree in Biology.

Top Grooming Products for Men

grooming products, men
According to survey, more and more people in Asia especially in the Philippines, are buying grooming products which is uncommon in the past years where only few guys use such vanity products. Well I can say grooming products not more than 5.

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Cheap Dr. Martens Shoes; Half the Original Price!

cheap dr martens shoes, philippines, divisoria
As to what I have promised the last time I posted an entry about some must-have boots for guys, I know you guys were thinking so hard about this store I have discovered here in Manila that sells cheap Dr. Martens shoes.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

birthday entry, personal
Time flies so fast and I cannot believe that we are almost done with 2014! December is definitely my favorite part of the year because the weather is just perfect and it brings so much good memories ever since I was a kid. I don't know but there is this feeling of excitement whenever the month of December is approaching. Do you also feel the same?

EDITOR'S PICK: Boots, a Must-Have for Guys!

boots for men
This is something I would like to try and see if I can pull it off myself because I always see guys wearing boots but only few can only wear it like a pro. So for today, I am officially adding boots for men in my must-haves list. There are lots of boots available for men out there but I am referring to turf boots or the hiking boot; not cowboy or  Chelsea boots because for me, they are kind of too old fashioned and western people can only pull them off. Wear it here in the Philippines, people might look at you as if you are wearing something that they see for the first time.

EDITOR'S PICK: Jogger Pants Perfect for Outdoor Party

jogger pants, ootd, jogger pants ootd, philippines
jogger pants, ootd, jogger pants ootd, philippines
I have been seeing a lot of guys wearing this new trend called joggers that can be bought in almost all of men's fashion boutique here in the Philippines. So far, I am seeing joggers in Penshoppe and Folded & Hung but I think Bench does not have this kind of pants. So for me, I highly recommend jogger pants because it is very flexible; very comfortable and at the same time, can be used in different kinds of activities like working out, hangout with friends or some outdoor party like coachella for example.

UNIQLO Offers Simple Fashion for Men this Spring/Summer 2015

uniqlo, summer 2015, spring 2015
uniqlo, summer 2015, spring 2015
UNIQLO is now ready for Spring/Summer 2015 with these simple collection that guys can wear in a daily basis. Expect some basic clothing apparels with a twist from UNIQLO like jackets, skinny jeans, polo shirts and more. I know that yuletide season is not yet over but aren't you excited for Spring/ Summer of 2015? 

To Put or Not to Put Concealer/Foundation on Men's Face

men's concealer, men's foundation, grooming
It is still a debate whether to put  or not to put a concealer on men's face. But this has been a normal scene in the fashion industry in all countries. Spot a male model who don't put a concealer nor foundation on his face or drop a name of a male actor whether it is local or foreign who don't use one. But for me as an editor of this blog, I consider concealer as of of a must-haves for guys who want to look good on cam or in person.

EDITOR'S PICK: Hippie Band for Guys

As of now, I am looking for some cool hippie band for guys because I am gonna be needing it for our Christmas party themed coachella so I am thinking of dressing up like one of those guys in LOOKBOOK wearing hippie bands. I know this kind of head accessory is mostly for ladies but there are actually ones made for guys. They are just the simplest but it will give you that coachella vibes

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Basic Grooming Essentials for Men

men grooming, grooming, basic, essentials for men
men grooming, grooming, basic, essentials for men
Sharing you some tips on how to look good especially here in today's world where most people base their perceptions on the way a person look physically. In the Philippines, it is not very usual for guys to apply some products especially on their faces other than face powder and beyond that, let us say you apply naturally colored lip balm, concealers etc, people will call you gay if not vain. But people should accept the fact that being well-groomed has something to do with is not just about being clean or shaved all the time; it is also about being presentable in front of the crowd. 

Andrés Velencoso for Client Magazine 2014 Featuring Beloved and Kidnapped

client magazine 2014
client magazine 2014
Beloved and Kidnapped stars none other that Andrés Velencoso, a Spanish model and became popular because of some ad campaigns of  Chanel Allure Homme and especially campaign by Louis Vuitton with J-Lo in 2003. Photographed by Sergi Pons and styled by Marc Piña, Velencoso is wearing formal attire and almost naked in most of the photos. Amazing art entitled Beloved and Kidnapped can be seen on the latest issue of Client Magazine 2014.
client magazine 2014

EDITOR'S PICK: Beanie for Guys this Christmas Season

beanie, guys, philippines
It's the time of the year again here in the Philippines where it is okay to wear multiple  clothing apparel because of the not-so-hot weather temperature. Unlike other countries especially in the US and Europe where guys can wear multiple set of clothes to fight the cold temperature, it is very uncommon here in the Philippines to have that opportunity not if you are living in Baguio City where the temperature is 10x colder in Manila City.

Futuristic Editorial Featuring Roberto Bolle for Vogue Russia 2014

roberto bolle, vogue russia 2014, futuristic, editorial
roberto bolle, vogue russia 2014, futuristic, editorial
Roberto Bolle poses for Vogue Russia 2014 issue as he played a "Superman" like photo editorial shoot. Photographed by Danie Sannwald, styled by Olga Dunina and hairstyled by Enrico Mariotti. 

OOTD: Sporty Look from Bershka

ootd, bershka philippines, ootd philippines
ootd, bershka philippines, ootd philippines
Another awesome OOTD post I've got for you guys. This time, it is featuring Paul Boche, model from Germany. I think what he is wearing in the photos are all must-haves if you want to have that "sporty" look for your ootd sessions or just hanging out with some friends at the mall. 

What I like about this collection from Bershka is that they combine different kinds of materials from vintage-inspired denim jackets to trousers but at the same time, keeping it fashionable but most importantly, comfortable.
ootd, bershka philippines, ootd philippines

Country Road

men editorial, country road, lucas santoni, elle men
men editorial, country road, lucas santoni, elle men
Elle Men, Hong Kong just released an amazing editorial spread featuring Lucas Santoni portraying their editorial for the month of November; Country Road. Captured by Syed Munawir and styled by Andrea De Saint Andrieu. This country road photo shoot gives me chill as it compliments the pieces that Lucas is wearing.

Neymar JR for Police Eyewear Campaign this Spring/Summer 2015

neymar jr, police eyewear, spring 2015, summer 2015
neymar jr, police eyewear, spring 2015, summer 2015
neymar jr, police eyewear, spring 2015, summer 2015
Neymar Jr for Police eyewear again. This Brazilian football player really enjoys his stay as one of the brand ambassadors of Police eye wear. According to Neymar, it was his pleasure to do a photo shoot wearing amazing sunglasses and clothes as well while riding a motorcycle. Photographed by Rankin.

OOTD: Burberry Prorsum, Hardy Aimes, ETRO, Missoni and more

coat acne studios
Featuring young looking model of Select Model ManagementMel. Photographed by John Cubillan and styled by Devon Nicholas. Wearing outstanding pieces from Saint Lauren, Carven, Etro Missoni and more.

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Hairstyle for Men this 2015

trending hairstyle for men 2015
Whether you have short, medium and long hair, it is essential to know some tips on how to manage them and do not look awful whenever you go to work or just by walking at the park. So I am going to tell you some key points on how to make your hair look dapper this year coming, 2015.

Wild Young Fox

 editorial, correntin renault, contributor
editorial, correntin renault, contributor
Model, Corentin Renault; Photographed by Emma PICQ, Styled by Alexandre Misericordia and Aurélien Storny. Poses amazing photos for Contributor Magazine wearing diverse outfit style from floral to a casual simple shirt.

Penshoppe x ZALORA Philippines

penshoppe, zalora
Two of my favorite things combined and I think this is a great news for Penshoppe and Zalora lovers. Penshoppe is one of the leading clothing stores in the country and I can say that most of their styles are amazing! While Zalora is also one of the leading online stores not just here in the Philippines but in some other countries as well.

Esquire UK December 2014 Issue Stars Dan Stevens

dan stevens, esquire uk, magazine, december 2014
Actor, Dan Stevens is on the spread for Esquire UK magazine for their December 2014 issue. Photographed bu Neil Gavin, styled by Kenny Ho. Wearing winter essentials from an Italian label, Dolce & Gabbana.

Josh Hutcherson Looking Good for British GQ December 2014 Photo Shoot

josh hutcherson, GQ Magazine, December 2014
One of the lead roles in The Hunger Games, Josh Hutcherson is looking so good wearing some sporty bomber jackets during the photo shoot for British GQ Magazine for December 2014.

Lean Guys Luke, Richard & Jeremy for L'officiel Hommes Paris 2014

skinny models, philippines
skinny guy models,
Skinny yet stunning male models, Luke Gernert, Richard Detwiler and Jeremy Matos; photographed by Thomas Gidding and styled by none other than Helena Tejedor. Wearing pieces from Hermès, Louis Vuitton and other luxurious brands to die for.

Bo Develius in H.E. By Mango November Look Book

bo develius, HE by Mango, look book november
Swedish model Bo Develius is getting there as he appears in the November Look Book of H.E. by Mango. Entitled as the new idea of winter style this 2014, inspired by winter collections that have darker shades. I love the fact that it is too stylish although the outfit has multiple padding.

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