Life Lately + Blogging is Dead in the Philippines this 2018

Life Lately + Blogging is Dead in the Philippines this 2018
It's been couple of months since I last blogged here and I think I am not the only blogger in the Philippines who went missing in action this year. The reason why is because of Instagram. Most brands are investing more on IG if not, Youtube so if you are a blogger/ influencer who wants to earn money, then it is not too late to create your own PR friendly Instagram account. Right now, I have over 9,000 instagram followers and trying to update my feed as often as I can but life lately is more about work and adulting stuff. I still able to get some brands who wants to work with me but most of the time, I don't have the time to shoot content for them or no time to cover events.

I also noticed that I receive less advertorial emails in 2017 and 2018 so I kind of forget why I started blogging way back 2009. Back then, blogging is more on like a diary where you post everything under the sun. There are no influencers, no sponsored posts, no promoting stuff and definitely no money involved. I forget the main reason why I started a blog which is my passion in writing and it's been my outlet for me to release all negativity in my life.

Even though blogging is dead, I will continue on blogging not for the money but for myself. Thanks to this blog post that I published May of 2016 that is receiving massive amounts of comments recently and I have no idea why. I checked if there are spam links but don't see anything hidden so I am confused why I am getting a lot of amazing comments there. I just think that maybe the blogging world wants me back? 

The main point of this post is to let everyone know that I am back in blogging but this time, I will be sharing more personal stuff like what I do during the weekend, what I eat when I go out, some negative things I experience in my life or at my workplace etc. No more posts about promoting brands or whatsoever so that's it for today!

PS. I also had my rhinoplasty surgery last April 2018 and will be getting another one this coming August since the one that I had with Dr. Reyvic Cerilles was a mess. Expect a detailed post about my nosejob journey in the future so stay tuned if ever you are planning of getting one.

P.P.S The photo above is not mine. Shoutout to Tim Goedhart from Unsplash for letting me use this amazing photo!

A Guide to Cleansing Skin Care - Road to Having a Glass Skin

A Guide to Cleansing Skin Care - Road to Having a Glass Skin
Ever wondered how there are some people who seem to be really blessed to have naturally flawless skin as well as radiant skin while others just dream to have such a gift? If you're one of those people who want to have healthy skin that glows, then you should first take a look at your cleansing skin care regime to see if you're using the correct products for you.

It's a common fact that when it comes to skin care, there are a lot of factors that needs to be considered. People have to make sure that the products they use are made perfectly for their specific skin types.

The Reason Why Daily Skin Care is Important to Our Skin

The Reason Why Daily Skin Care is Important to Our Skin
People often neglect that the best way to keep the skin younger looking is practicing daily skin care. Doing it regularly keeps it protected from harsh elements that could cause damage. This is what we are trying to avoid that is why it is very important that we include this in our daily routine.

Daily skin care is composed of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing that people should know. These are the basics that they should never forget if they want their skin to remain healthy. There are also skin care tips that should also be followed when it comes to maintaining the it's health and youthfulness.

Clay Masks For Acne

Clay Masks For Acne
In the decades that the prevalence of acne has exponentially surged, so have the number of treatments available. The various products available at the commercial level is astounding in itself. You have exfoliating scrubs, alcohol pads, home dermabrasion kits, foaming  list goes on and on. At the professional level, you have laser treatments and prescription medications. One product which has grown in popularity due to its modest to good results is the clay mask. This affordable treatment which, is often advertised in magazines and on television, is designed to help reduce oil levels. This can eventually lead to drastic reduction in the number of new breakouts.

Natural Skin Peeling - Make Your Skin Beautiful By Using a Natural Clay Mask

Natural skin peeling is truly the ideal measure if you want to get smooth, beautiful skin. It is true that the skin renews itself, too, but it's useful to help it with a natural clay mask and here's why:
Natural Skin Peeling - Make Your Skin Beautiful By Using a Natural Clay Mask

Our skin generates about 1 million skin cells every minute, day in day out. That amounts to more than 5 billion new cells daily! Old, dead cells that are being replaced by these new ones begin naturally peeling off after being on the skins upper layers for about 25 days, giving opportunity for the new skin cells to take their place. However, sometimes the dead cells stay attached to your skin, making it impossible for the fresh skin to come to the surface. This can lead to spots, blackheads, discoloration and even premature aging.

If you're unhappy with how your face looks, the problem could just be that your skin can't get rid of the old cells on its own! You should help your by exfoliating it naturally, with a deep cleansing mask, to make sure the dead skin cells are removed. This way, your skin condition is likely to improve.
But why do you need to use a natural clay mask?

Well, there are many ways to naturally peel your skin: scrubbing with a sponge, micro-beads or other abrasives, or chemically with different kinds of acids. The problem with most of these peels is that they are not suitable everyone. Mechanical peels can irritate your skin if they're done too harshly, and chemical peels usually need to be done by a dermatologist. But a good natural clay mask with cleansing properties can be used at home, it's risk free and gentle, but still very efficient.

The main effect is, like said above, that the mask pulls away and removes dead skin cells from your face. At the same time good natural clay masks can restore your skins elasticity, reduce pore size and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. A good mask can also assist in improving your skin color and in stimulating collagen production, making your face look younger.

Photo from Verilymag

Benefits of a Clay Mask

Benefits of a Clay Mask
Clays can also be mixed with other substances like body powders and soaps for applications. They are a part of soaps and lotions and are used to add color to them. It's also easy to acquire clays in any part of the world. One can get them from shops in supermarkets and pharmacies. People also like applying clay in the form of a skin warp.

Using clay is also very useful when you are suffering from the problem of acne. It's especially useful to get rid of the redness caused by this ailment. One can prepare a clay mask and apply it on the acne spots. One can also add aloe Vera to the mixture to get a better outcome from the application. This substance can reduce the swelling of the skin. Clay as it provides nourishment to the skin can also improve its smoothness. Cosmetic clays, which are purchased by so many people today, can have an impact as per their mineral contents. These contents add vibrancy to the skin. So, purchase cosmetic clay as per your own skin needs.

It's because they contain many minerals which can soothe your skin easily. The other effects of using clays are that they can provide freshness to the skin apart from exfoliating it. This is the reason why so many people prefer their use now. Using clays is useful as compared to going to a parlor for getting the exfoliation treatment. Clay removes the muck, oil and dirt from the skin pores removing the possibility of person contracting acne.

Using clay is suggested for people who have oily skin. It's because it does not have any impact on the oil content of your skin. Applying clay as a mask is also useful when you have a dull color. It's because it adds shine to the skin. The best part about clay is that's slightly acidic level washes off the dead skin cells from your face, revealing a fresh skin underneath. When a person uses clay on his/her skin the blood circulation also improves as a result. So, the entire luster of the face improves through a clay mask.

Photo from vegancuts

Pimples on Your Face - Can a Clay Mask Cure Them?

Pimples on Your Face - Can a Clay Mask Cure Them?
I recently discovered that by using a clay mask that it definitely can help with reducing the redness and inflammation on your spots. So I thought I would discuss a little about it and tell you what I found. It worked well on the smaller zits and the rosiness. I also discovered that if you put it all over your face it makes it really dry so it was better to just put it on the spots and inflamed area. So I did a bit of research on Clay Mask and this is what I have found it is better to use white clay on your skin as it is not as harsh on the skin as red or yellow clay is. I also mixed it with Aloe Vera which really helped heal my skin up really quickly, it took out all the inflammation from the zits and I resisted to scratch, rub or pick any of them. If you pick your zits from my experience what occurs is they take longer to heal and also finish up leaving a scar on your face so number 1 rule do not be persuaded to pick, squeeze any of them as you may just finish up making your spot worse and we do not desire any scars on our face do we? Not if we are able to help it anyway.

The clay works by drying out the pimple, healing it faster and reducing the inflammation of the blemishes. It draws out the toxins which are lying underneath the skin, so in effect it is taking out all that bad horrible yucky yellow stuff that you see when a pimple blemish bursts. The Clay seeps down into the layers of the skin and help to reduce the redness so helping in taking away the inflammation round the zit too. I would only ever leave it on for 5-10 minutes at the most as it is very drying. Once you have the clay on your blemish wash it off, when you do this you are washing away the toxins at the same time. Which is what we want. So I have tried using this at night before going to bed on the odd little pimple that pops up, and when I wake up in the morning the pimple has shrunk. I used Aloe vera mixing the 2 together and this has actually helped. Aloe Vera is renowned for its healing properties and its very good at taking away inflammation from the skin naturally. You can use any color of clay you would like I just found that the white clay to be to the most kind on the skin for me. The original mask I was given was a red mask. This is one that soften's the skin.

So what is Clay? Well it's dried powder that has been sun dried and it has different properties in each one, it's something a lot of salons use making up mask's to help with different problems people are having with their skins. It is quite popular to buy over clay mask and you can find them at pharmacies as well as supermarkets.

White clay is the most delicate it is best for sensitive skin and it's why I use it as my skin is sensitive. It wont pull out as many poisons from your skin as some of the others but it is best to use what suits your skin type.

Green Clay from the other view point is suited to oily skin types as well as combination skin, it is the most suited for oily and acne prone skin. A lot of people break out in acne due to a allergy to a foundation they are using and do not realize this. Its best to use a oil free moisturizer and foundation when you are prone to acne breakouts.

You will of course have to try it out on your skin to determine if your skin type will put up with it.
Red Clay helps with decongesting the skin. It helps to soften and firm also. Yellow clay is similar to green clay but not so powerful. It's good for mature and dehydrated skin.

Photo from Cinddie

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