Wild Motor Riders

For today's featured post, we will talk about motorcycles and some glamorous editorial of wild bike riders, Edita Vilkeviciute and Magdalena Frackowiak. Also, if you are looking for some guides about choosing the best motorcycles then this post will be your reference as well. So let us begin.

Buying your first ever motorcycle is very exciting and this is the beginning of your journey as an official rider. However, personalizing or modding your bike is more thrilling especially if you have all the things you need in order to do this. 

How To Take Care Of Your Beard

So, you finally decided to grow a beard. Good for you! Now comes the challenge of maintaining it and keeping it fresh. If you’ve never grown a beard before, you may be surprised at how much effort and patience it takes to turn some facial hair into something fantastic. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the best ways to take care of your beard so that you won’t look like a crazed hermit: 


Cultivating a beard is all about patience. For the first few months, things will look scraggly and bushy, and you may be tempted to shave it off. Ignore this temptation and let it grow. If you want to help it along, you can use beard growth products to help stimulate the hairs, but this will only shave a few days off of your time, rather than weeks. 


As the beard gets thicker and fuller, it will start to feel scratchy and scruffy. To help make things smoother, use natural beard balm to make it softer and more manageable. Balm can be used at all times, from when the beard is in its infancy, to when it’s full grown. You can also use scented beard balms to give yourself a pleasant scent. 

Even if you want to go for the Top look, you still have to trim your beard. First of all, it will keep your hair looking tight, and secondly, it will train it to grow in the direction you want. Untamed beards will go all over the place, so trimming helps it stay in shape. If you do it yourself, it will take time to learn how to make it even. Ideally, however, you will get a professional to do anything significant. 


To help get the hairs softer and silkier, use organic vanilla beard oil. This product will absorb into the follicles and keep your mane fresh. Plus, you’ll smell like vanilla, which is a bonus. 

Overall, remember that your beard takes time and effort to grow. Don’t expect results sooner than they can reasonably come. Each man is different. 

Photo credits: Boredpanda

Lazy Wednesday

Good morning everyone! The weather today is just making me feel lazy and stay under the warmth of my blanket. Good thing is I already finished all my backlogs last weekend and I don't feel like blogging about the usual things (fashion, skin care etc...) right now.

Sharing you some bed arrangements that will make you want to stay in your bed all day and do nothing or cuddle with your loved one.

Monday Must Read: Helpful Tips on Minimizing Large Face Pores

Happy Monday loves! Pokemon Go is consuming most of my time from the day that it was released here in the Philippines and because of that, I am always on the go! I think the app has good and bad side but it is still depends on the user though. Anyway, I am not going to talk about the game here, today I am going to feature some articles about tips on minimizing large face pores.


1. Paula's article is so detailed that it has to be on the number one spot! Very helpful indeed.
2. Have you ever heard of face icing? If not, FMS's blog entry is perfect just for you.
3. Elizabeth also writes something about minimizing face pores with the help of advanced procedures.
4. This is also a fascinating article about some face pores myths.
5. You want some basic techniques in closing up facial pores? Menscience wrote it for you!
6. Tips for shrinking large pores and a suggested product group for you!
7. Ever heard of the caolion #perfectpores kit? Beauty bloggers said that it is a pore minimizer extraordinaire.

Basic Skin Care Tips Everybody Must Follow

I have been writing a lot about some tips in taking care of our skin but I was not able to blog about the basic and most essential. That is the reason I came up with these basic skin care tips everyone must follow! This is before all the supplements and facial products so before buying anything for your skin, make sure to follow these simple steps.


Sunlight in the morning is healthy and a very good source of vitamin-e that is much needed by our skin but direct sunlight from 9 AM until 3 PM can cause skin irritation or worst, skin cancer.

So in order to fight back from the sun's harmful UV rays, make sure you always sunscreen with an SF of at least 15. Apply sunscreen on to your skin generously and do not forget to re-apply every after 2 hours of direct exposure to sunlight.

How To Condition Dry and Thick Hair With Shampoos?

Have you ever thought about the precise method of conditioning the hair to make them shiny and glossy with the use of genuine products? It’s a fact that people across the globe have different hair textures, and that includes thin, thick, curly, sleek, frizzy hair. So, today I’ m going to talk about the relevance and proper conditioning of dry and thick hair with the use of shampoo. Yes, you have got it right as you can condition your hair with shampoo. It becomes all the more important when you have a pixie hair cut, and you have thick dry hair that needs appropriate conditioning. Then, all you need to recognize is that whatever your hair type is, you need to condition the hair to hydrate the follicles and make your hair super soft and shiny.


It is certainly a fact that dry hair needs adequate moisturization through conditioning as the dry hair lack shine, and there is a need of moisturizing shampoo that provides required shine to hair. On the other hand, thicker hair is also dry and need the adequate moisturization with perfect conditioning with shampoos. So, there is a need of shampoo for dry and thick hair that not only clears off all the dirt and oil and conditions them appropriately.

Coffee + Skin: Caffeine for a Healthier Skin

I must say that this is something new to me. I never thought that caffeine can actually gives us the chance to achieve that healthier skin we have been dreaming of. Coffee, a universal breakfast drink that wakes up our senses everyday can also nourish our skin, decrease the chance of having skin cancers and shockingly promotes hair growth in men.

In today's beauty industry, Caffeine is now being used in formulas for body creams, hair serum and other cosmetic products that you can find in the market. Caffeine in skincare products is not really a good combination because it is very hard to penetrate in the skin but kudos to our advanced technology in making things easier for us.

Surprisingly, drinking 4-6 coffees daily decreases that chance of getting certain skin cancers and that was proven by a clinical study of white American women.
Daily coffee consumption and prevalence of nonmelanoma skin cancer in Caucasian women.
The purpose of this study was to assess the relationship between daily coffee consumption and nonmelanoma skin cancer. This study was a cross-sectional analysis of women enrolled in the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study (n=93 676). As nearly all cases of self-reported nonmelanoma skin cancer occurred among Caucasian women (97.8%), we focused our analyses on this group. Compared with nondrinkers, women drinking only caffeinated coffee on a daily basis had a 10.8% lower prevalence of nonmelanoma skin cancer. Consumption of six or more cups of caffeinated coffee per day was associated with a 36% reduction in nonmelanoma skin cancer. After adjusting for various demographic and life style variables, daily consumption of six or more cups was associated with a 30% reduced prevalence of nonmelanoma skin cancer. In contrast to caffeinated coffee, daily consumption of decaffeinated coffee was not associated with a significant change in self-reported nonmelanoma skin cancer for Caucasian women. Daily caffeinated coffee consumption was associated with a dose-related decreased prevalence of nonmelanoma skin cancer in Caucasian women. via
So I think, it is already a myth about coffee sucking out all the collagen in our skin making it super dry and unhealthy.

For all coffee drinkers out there, what can you say about this?

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